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Autonomic Materials Inc.

AMS makes UI News
8/2011: AMS vascular composites work is highlighted in the "Latest Research News" portion of the UI News.

Watch the new Self-Healing video
7/2011: The new Self-Healing video featuring interviews with Profs. Moore, White and Sottos is available HERE!

Dhandapani Venkataraman recognized for role in iCons program
7/2011:Check out the C&EN article that recognizes former MG member "DV" for his role in the development of the iCons program at UMass.

Steinberg accepts position with E Ink
6/2011: MG Postdoc Brian Steinberg will be starting with E Ink in Cambridge, MA in July 2011. Congrats Brian!

Finke's work is covered in the Organic Chemistry Portal
6/2011: Former MG member Aaron Finke's work on Alkene and Alkyne Metathesis is covered in the Organic Chemistry Portal.

EFRC video submission
6/2011:The battery team entered a video contest for the EFRC Summit & Forum last month. Click here to watch!

Postdocs host workshop
6/2011: Postdocs Susan Odom and Koushik Ghosh have helped to organize a SOPS workshop to be held on June 23rd at Beckman. Click here for more info!

4 MG Members Honored at Commencement
5/2011: Mary Caruso, Doug Davis, Aaron Finke and Josh Ritchey were all honored at the 2011 UIUC commencement ceremonies. Congratulations graduates!

Kryger selected to present at 2011 GRS
4/2011: Congratulations to Matt Kryger for being chosen to present at the upcoming Graduate Research Symposium at the University of California, Santa Barbara!

Finke receives NSF Fellowship
4/2011: The most recent MG Ph.D., Aaron Finke, has been chosen for an NSF International Postdoctoral Fellowship. Dr. Finke will be working in the Diederich Group at ETH-Zurich.

Wackerly to start at Central College in Fall 2011
3/2011: Former MG member Jay Wackerly has accepted a tenure track position at Central College in Pella, Iowa! Way to go Jay!

Glowgoski, Assistant Professor at U of W
3/2011: Elizabeth Glogowski will start as Assistant Professor of Materials Science at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in July! Good luck, Liz!

NSF Career award goes to former MG member
3/2011: Former Moore Group Member Wei Zhang receives NSF CAREER Award (Dec. 2010). Congratulations! More...

Susan Odom accepts faculty position at UK
3/2011: Congratulations to Susan on her new position as Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky starting Fall 2011.

Video of TEDxUIUC
2/2011: Check out the video of Jeff's talk at February's TEDxUIUC conference. More...

Finke is newest MG Ph.D.
2/2011: Aaron Finke is the most recent Moore Group Ph.D. His next journey takes him to ETH-Zurich where he will be a Postdoc in the Diederich Group. Congrats Aaron!

Journal of Materials Chemistry "Hot Article"
2/2011: Congratulations to Doug Davis for his "Hot Article" on mechanochemical activation of spiropyran More...

2/2011: Jeff will be speaking at this year's TEDxUIUC conference-February 19th More...

Postdoc Symposium
1/2011: Susan and Aaron EK are hosting the first U of I Posdoctoral Research Symposium.More...

Hyperbranched Polymers Highlight
1/2011: Congratulations to Zheng for his paper on hyperbranched polymers being highlighted by ACS! More...

Mechanophores Featured
12/2010: Mechanophores were listed as one of Popular Mechanics' "10 Tech Concepts You Need to Know for 2011." More...

Smashing Self-Healing!
9/2010: Our recent Adv. Funct. Mater. paper on self-healing electronics was recently highlighted in Materials Views. More...

Highlight in SYNFACTS
8/2010: Congratulations to Aaron EK for his paper being highlighted in SYNFACTS! More...

ACS Fellows
8/2010: Congratulations to Jeff for being named as an ACS Fellow for 2010! More...

You Break It, You Fix It
06/2010: Matt's paper on mechanochemically-activated cyanoacrylates was highlighted in SYNFACTS. More...

AFM Cover Artwork
06/2010: Artwork from Susan's paper on self-healing electronics was featured on the 11/2010 cover of Advanced Functional Materials. More...

Symposium Attendee
05/2010: Congratulationss to Aaron for being selected to attend the 2010 ACS Organic Division Graduate Research Symposium!

Self-Healing at the Museum
4/2010: The Moore Group's self-healing polymers are on display in the Science Storms exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago! More...

ACS-PMSE 2010 Fellow
12/2009: Congratulations to Jeff for being named a 2010 Fellow for the ACS Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering!

Moore Group Cleans up at MRS!
Congratulations to Mary for winning a Gold Award for her talk, and to Susan for winning a poster award at the MRS conference in Boston!

Online Education
11/2009: Jeff is profiled in the Fall 2009 issue of the Postmarks newsletter with the group's work on online organic chemistry. See Pg. 9. More...

New Moore Group Members
10/2009: Welcome James, Scott, Heifei, and Nina, the newest members of the Moore Group!

Mechanochemistry in Chem. Rev.
10/2009: The Moore Group's review of mechanically-induced changes in polymers has been published to the web. More...

Learning Chemistry Online
9/2009: The Moore Group's work on online organic chemistry education was featured in the 9/7/2009 issue of C&E News. More...

NSF Postdoc Fellowship
9/2009: Congratulations to Susan for winning an NSF American Competitiveness in Chemistry Potdoctoral Fellowship!

First Aid for Electronics
9/2009: Highlights in Chemical Science discusses our recent work on encapsulation of carbon nanotubes. More...

Two-Photon Writing
8/2009: Chemistry World highlights recent work with the Braun Group on using two-photon writing to make three-dimensional microfluidics. More...

Breaking the Rules
7/2009: A highlight in Nature Chemistry features a computational explanation to our previously reported, force-driven ring-opening benzocyclobutene reactions. More...

See The Force
5/2009: In Nature, we reported the preparation of mechanophore-linked elastomers which change color as they are stretched. More... AMS Link Highlight in Nature Chemistry

4/2009: Congrats go out to Eric for winning the Best Oral Presentation Award at this year's WCC Undergraduate Research Symposium, and to John, Brook and Stu for their excellent posters.

Commentary in Nature Chemistry
4/2009: For the inaugural issue of Nature Chemistry, Jeff and Phil wrote a commentary on online chemical education. More...

Highlight in Synfacts
3/2009: Our report on polyphenylene dendron synthesis by C-H Activation was highlighted in February's Synfacts. More...

Kosher Self-Healing
10/2008: The self-healing polymers subgroup report an efficient self-healing epoxy system using safe, inexpensive food additives. More...

JACS Select #2
9/2008:Jeff was a Guest Editor for the second JACS Select issue on electronic materials for solar cells. More...

The Economist on Self-Healing
2/2008: The group's self-healing polymers are featured in an article in the Feb. 5th, 2008 issue of The Economist. More...