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The Moore group is dedicated to the professional development of next-generation scientists and educators who will impact the world with their skills and knowledge. The group’s research integrates ideas from physical organic chemistry and engineering with molecular design and polymer synthesis to construct new functional materials. Motivated by the technological need for materials that are safer and last longer, experiments are designed to understand the fundamental science of mechanochemical transduction, which in turn aids in the design of polymers that produce chemical signals or undergo chemical reactions following mechanical activation. Specific examples include materials that heal themselves, warn of high stress, or repair electrical circuits. Research in the Moore group is highly collaborative, and has especially benefited from longstanding interactions with Profs. Nancy Sottos and Scott White. Through these collaborations, we demonstrated plastics that not only heal after damage, but regenerate via reactive fluids pumping through vascular channels within the material, similar to blood in a circulatory system.

Research Interests

Self-healing polymers and mechanochemistry; Novel chemistry for composites manufacturing; Molecular self-assembly and dynamic covalent chemistry; Structure-controlled macromolecules to understand protein-synthetic polymer interactions; Materials for energy storage; Materials and methods for nano- and mesoscale device fabrication.

Alumni Updates

Alumni, please take a minute to complete the form via the link below and submit any changes to your current information. The Moore Group loves to stay in touch with past members, so any updates are welcome!

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